What professional doesn’t aspire working in Qatar, the jewel in the GCC crown and the hub of development activities ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The country has huge human resource demand and supply gaps as 90% of its total population comprises immigrant workers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and other Asian countries. Numerous recruitment agencies for Qatar are working in Pakistan and other HR sourcing countries, with Al Saqib Recruitment Group dominating the Qatar recruitment services scene.

With recent changes to the labor law allowing the immigrant workers to travel back home without the employer’s permission and prior approval, Qatar has further added to its appeal as a premium employment destination of the region. What used to be a pearl hunting haven in the past and is a petrodollar economy now is geared for economic diversification and in the future and is spreading its wings into other segments of the market including retail, IT, hospitality, and aviation etc. Newer business avenues have opened new doors to employments for professionals from around the world and recruitment agencies for Qatar like Al Saqib Recruitment Group are becoming more important than they ever were.

We have known Qatar’s job markets for decades and witnessed its upward trends, serving it with the most capable human resource from Pakistan and other countries including India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh. We have a number of Qatar based companies listed as our partner employers whom we have served with top talent in healthcare, engineering, construction, hospitality, marketing, and other fields of profession. Our matchless overseas recruitment services in Qatar have helped us gain the employer trust and become their preferred manpower recruitment partner.

There are many recruitment agencies for Qatar currently operating in Pakistan and globally, but the status that Al Saqib Recruitment Group enjoys in matters related to recruitment services for Qatar remains unsurpassed. Tens of companies and thousands of professionals in Pakistan and other parts of the world acknowledge our remarkable recruitment services in Qatar. Being one of the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Qatar, we continue to link the best of Pakistani talent to the best of employment opportunities in Qatar.