Recruitment for Malaysia

Al-Saqib recruitment agency is one of the top Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Malaysia. It has been serving Pakistan for over a decade now and has provided thousands of Pakistanis with the right career opportunities. We provide sustainable employment Solutions to Pakistanis in Malaysia and enable them to transform their dreams into reality. 

Our team at Al-Saqib is aligned with international recruiting standards. We are ISO certified and licensed overseas recruitment agency and supply manpower to Malaysia.  As recruiting consultants in Pakistan Our exposure and in-depth understanding of the Malaysian market allowed us to make connections with well-reputed firms within Malaysia.

Major industries we serve in Malaysia

Malaysia’s economy and the job market are progressing rapidly. This opens a lot of job opportunities for several in Malaysia. Our Recruiting services encapsulate Staffing, Executive Search, and provision of skilled and semi-skilled labor for all industries. Our professional recruiters serve in providing recruitment opportunities for all major industries and sectors in Malaysia such as:

Recruitment for oil and gas companies in Malaysia

Our recruitment team has made connections with well-reputed oil and gas companies within Malaysia. We aim to hunt for gems from every corner of Pakistn, Bangladesh, Nepal and other south asian countries. Our recruitment agency for foreign workers in Malaysia is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients and strives to exceed their expectations.

Recruitment for Information Technology companies in Malaysia

In today’s world when IT is dominant over everything, IT jobs are in high demand as companies from various industries incorporate digital technology into their daily operations. Increased reliance on digital technology means more jobs in the tech industry. As one of the best Malaysia recruitment agency for foreigners Al-Saqib recruitment group help secure you a best candidate for your IT company in Malaysia as we aim to hunt for the right kind of talent.

Recruitment for Construction Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Economy and the job market are progressing every day. As the construction industry is booming, the need for skilled workers is increasing. This opens a lot of job opportunities in world-leading construction firms in Malaysia in the following domains:

  • Residential building and construction.
  • Industrial building and construction.
  • Commercial building and construction.
  • Heavy civil construction.

As a top recruitment agency in Malaysia for international recruiting, Al-Saqib, provides job opportunities in top-tier construction firms. Private companies are also recruiting foreign workers. We work with businesses to determine their staffing needs and identify screen, and interview candidates to recruit the best human resource capital available.

Recruitment in the Engineering industry in Malaysia

Considering the rapid developments in science and technology, engineering has become one of the most in-demand careers worldwide including Malaysia. Our manpower recruitment service for Malaysia is hiring overseas manpower for various sectors in the engineering industry in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and other major cities in Malaysia,

Recruitment in the Telecommunication industry in Malaysia

The Malaysian telecommunications market is thriving and so are the job opportunities. The Malaysian Telecommunication industry is considered to be a good career path to choose as the industry is continuously evolving and growing with the boom of new technology. Al-Saqib is a recruitment agency in Malaysia for foreign workers to provide Work opportunities in the Telecommunication industry. 

Recruitment in the healthcare industry in Malaysia

Malaysia has an efficient and widespread system of health care. Al-Saqib recruitment group is one of the very few leading headhunters dealing in nursing recruitment in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Maldives, Malaysia, Romania, UK.

Malaysia Manpower Recruitment Agency

We at Al saqib Recruitment group specialize in finding the most qualified, experienced, and relevant employees for our overseas partners. Whether you are a job seeker looking for better career opportunities abroad, or an employer or headhunter searching for quality human resources, we are among the top recruitment agencies in Malaysia. 

Recruitment agency in Malaysia for foreign workers

The long-term, friendly relationship between Malaysia and Pakistan is positively impacting recruitment businesses. As a result, the number of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Malaysia is growing. Additionally, Al saqib Recruitment group is providing several opportunities to Malaysian employers and employees of Pakistan. Employers can take advantage of excellent workers with the help of a top recruitment agency in Pakistan for Malaysia.

Many manpower agencies provide employment opportunities for people looking to work in Malaysia. The main objective of all such agencies is to provide the services of recruiting manpower in various fields. However, some agencies or firms are specially working for the recruitment of people in specific countries. Al saqib Recruitment group provides services for people across the globe.

Common FAQs about International Recruitment Agency Malaysia

How does recruitment agency work Malaysia?

Recruitment agencies in Malaysia typically work with companies to help them find suitable candidates for open positions. The agency will usually post job advertisements on behalf of the company, and then screen and interview candidates before passing on a shortlist of qualified applicants to the employer. In some cases, the agency may also offer other services such as background checks and salary negotiation.

Where can I find a headhunter in Malaysia?

There are many ways to find a recruitment consultants in Malaysia. One way is to ask around at your local business or professional networking events. Another way is to search online for headhunting firms that specialize in recruiting for Malaysia. Finally, you can also contact your local Chamber of Commerce or business association to see if they can recommend a reputable headhunter in Malaysia.