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The retail and garment industry is one of the highest revenue-generating and rapidly growing industries around the world. Since this industry is closely linked to the fashion industry, it constantly keeps on evolving and generating job opportunities for new talent. Global Al Saqib Recruitment Group is best Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency. Furthermore, we have been providing Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency from Pakistan to companies in Romania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Middle East and Gulf Countries. 

Our human resource has connections with the top garment companies globally. We cater to their requirements to recruit professional candidates for their company. Our efficient human resource department ensures that candidates applying for retail or garment industry have prior experience. always choose the best Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency The experience can be either local or international. Moreover, we make sure that they are the best fit for our prestigious client companies. 

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Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency for the Fashion and Retail Industry

Our company is the most prominent Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency. We have provided several top-notch fashion degree holders, experienced tailors, cutting masters, technicians, textile designers etc to textile companies. Furthermore, we aim to build you a team loaded with skills, expertise, and refreshed productivity.

we are the professional Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency and Our Retail and garment manpower recruitment consultancy takes the legwork out of your candidate search. This will allow you to skip right to the interview stage.

We as a Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency make sure that the fashion and retail personnel we recommend are skilled and experienced according to their job requirements. The candidates we recruit are all up to date with contemporary fashion trends. Similarly, they are fit to work internationally in the retail and garment industry. Always choose the best Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency for Hiring 

Why choose Al-Saqib Fashion Recruitment specialists?

Al-Saqib Professional Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency for both contract workers and permanent placement in the retail industry. We are considered the top Staffing Company with professionalism, integrity, sincerity and accuracy being our utmost priorities. Our human resource department knows how a single stitch can matter in the garment industry. Moreover, they are also aware that how it is important to have the right team for the retailing of garment products of a company.

  • A qualified and experienced staff can bring new thoughts, ideas and creativity to the fashion industry. That is why we fetch those candidates for recruitment who are sharp, creative, hardworking and flexible to work under pressure. 
  • Since Pakistan is blessed with lots of skillful and multi-talented individuals in the textile industry, therefore, many countries are interested in hiring a Pakistani workforce. Our licensed and professional recruiters seek out and hire the best for our clients.
  • Al-Saqib is the only leading and trustworthy foreign workforce employment agency supplier that brings more than 15 years of experience to the table. People in our human resource department are so skilled that they profoundly check prospective candidates for recruitment. They analyze their expertise with a keen eye. 
  • As one of the Top Retail and Garment Recruitment Agency in Pakistan, our recruitment consultancy recruiters are ready to create specialized staffing solutions to fulfil your hiring needs.
  • Al-Saqib staffing Services integrate AI & recruitment technology to keep up with the ever-evolving recruitment trends. As a result, it provides an improved recruiting experience that is agile, scalable, and flexible. We provide a more efficient method of achieving recruitment needs.
  • Our international recruitment specialists are proven in providing the highest retention rate with permanent,  successful, and long-term, candidates for your organization. 
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Retail and Garment Staffing solutions we provide

Al-Saqib is Pakistan’s leading and Top Garment Recruitment Agency, catering to the staffing needs of the Corporate World. We are geared up to provide world-class retail Recruitment Services in various sectors of the Garments industry. Although there are different vacancies in the garment sector and retail market. We provide following recruitment solutions:

  • Fashion designers
  • Tailors
  • Cutting masters
  • Graphic designers
  • Technicians
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Textile engineers
  • Garment technologists
  • Technical assistants
  • Merchandisers- from executive to senior level
  • Pattern Technologists/Masters
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Compliance Executives/Manager
  • Production and Maintenance supervisors for Spinning, Weaving and Knitting
  • Store Manager
  • Quality Controllers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Apparel research and development personnel
  • Production Managers
  • Floor Supervisors
  • Textile Designers
  • Computer-Aided Design Technologists

Primary Sectors of Textile Production

Moreover, there are six primary sectors of textile production in which we provide workforce placement services. 


Spinning is the process of winding together drawn-out strands of fiber to form a yarn. It  is a major part of the textiles industries.


Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarn or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.


This textile manufacturing process involves the production or conversion of textile fiber through a defined process in a product. The chemical textile manufacturing processes include sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerization, dyeing, printing, and special chemical finishing.


Printing is a process of decorating textile fabrics by application of pigments, dyes, or other related materials in the form of patterns.

Filament yarn manufacturing

Most synthetic fibers have been produced in the form of filament yarn. A textured yarn is made by introducing durable crimps, coils, and loops along the length of the filaments.

Garment manufacturing

Garment production is an organized activity consisting of sequential processes such as laying, marking, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing, and packaging. This is a process of converting raw materials into finished products.

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