Recruitment for Malta

When it comes to Staffing Recruitment Solutions in Pakistan for Malta, Global Al-Saqib Recruitment Group stands as the undisputed market leader. Being the country’s and the region’s foremost placement services consultancy company, Global Al-Saqib plays the role of largest manpower supply company for Malta in the region. From construction to retail industry, we have helped thousands of Pakistanis find worthwhile career opportunities

Industries We Serve in Malta

If you are looking for a manpower recruitment consultancy that you can trust and rely on to find a rewarding career in Malta, Global Al-Saqib recruitment group offers the ultimate solution. With our years of industry experience, we are able to connect with the right candidate with the right employer in Malta creating a win-win situation for both the parties.

Hospitality recruitment agencies in Malta

We at Alsaqib group are one of the best hospitality recruitment agencies in Malta that can help you find the perfect job in the hospitality industry. As a international placement agency we have a wide variety of jobs available, from hotel and restaurant management to event planning and more. We can help you find a job that matches your skills and experience, and we can also provide you with information about the hospitality industry in Malta. If you are interested in working in the hospitality industry in Malta, contact us today.

Malta Nursing Recruitment Agency

As a leading international manpower recruitment agency in Malta we have helped nurses and other healthcare staff find work in the country. As a head hunter we have a good understanding of the Maltese healthcare system and can provide nurses with information about job openings and how to best navigate the application process.

Recruitment for Banking and Finnace

Banking and finance are vital industries for any economy. They provide the means for businesses to invest and grow, and for individuals to save and protect their hard-earned money.

Finding the right people to work in these industries is essential. They need to have the right skills, qualifications and experience. But they also need to be able to work well under pressure, handle large sums of money responsibly and have a good head for figures.

That’s why recruitment for banking and finance is so important. It’s vital that the right people are hired to work in these industries, so that they can help keep the economy ticking over smoothly. As a international recruitment consultants we recruit specialist of their jobs in banking and finance sector.

Best Recruitment Agency in Malta for Foreigners

As a leading manpower recruiting consultants we make sure that both the organization and employees grow together and there are no mismatches of any kind. Malta has a lot to offer when it comes to career opportunities.

Malta International Recruiting Agency

Malta has a stable economy with some of the world’s prominent industries. Some top industries of Malta include oil and gas, aluminum, petrochemicals and plastics, food processing, garments, engineering, handicrafts, and small and medium industries. Most of the Pakistanis working in Malta are associated with its mammoth oil and gas sector, but many others are also part of the larger economy serving other industries. Like other Arab countries, Pakistan has close friendly ties with Malta as the latter owes Pakistan for its constant support in providing quality human resource to the country. Both countries are supporting each other by filling each other’s job market and human resource gaps and working towards the goal of prosperity and growth on a mass scale.

Overseas Employment Agencies in Pakistan for Malta

We at Global Al-Saqib recruitment group are glad to be playing a key role in maintaining this balance through its professional manpower recruitment consultancy. Contract Global Al-Saqib Recruitment Group the region’s leading placement services consultancy company – today to increase your chances of finding a great and suitable job in Malta.

Common FAQs about Malta Recruiting

Which is the best Malta nursing recruitment agency?

We at Alsaqib Recruitment Group provides nursing recruitment to our prestigious clients through out Europe and Gulf Region.

How can i get work permit in Malta from Pakistan?

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Malta
A valid passport.
Travel medical insurance.
An employment contract with a company based in Malta.
Proof of accommodations for the duration of the applicant’s time in Malta.
Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the entire period of the applicant’s stay.

How to get job in Malta from Pakistan?

You can apply to different job opportunities in Malta though different recruitment consultants in Pakistan.