Musa Khan

CEO Global Al- Saqib Group

Starting basic in 2005, we have built a strong global foothold in just a matter of 15 years. AlSaqib recruitment group today is a household name among Pakistan’s as well as the region’s top employers and jobseekers. Going forward, we want this network of ours to grow more exponentially than it has in the past.

We cherish the bonds we have create with the region’s business enterprises, both small and large, and hailing from a diversified range of industries and sectors. We continue to effectively serve their end-to-end recruitment needs and aim to do it with a greater zeal in the years to come because we know that’s the portal to a world where unemployment is no longer a formidable challenge.

We thank both our employment partners and candidates for their continued trust on our services. It’s our promise that our services will only improve as the time passes, and in turn, we are confident to emerge as a more reliable recruitment partner in the future.

Manpower Recruitment Services- Alsaqib Recruitment Group