When it comes to overseas employment in Saudi Arabia, Al Saqib Recruitment Group is considered as the top international recruiting agency in Pakistan. Serving the country’s employment sector for over three decades, we have learned a great deal about the employer demands, workspace culture, and the overall employment landscape in Saudi Arabia. Linking jobseekers to jobs in Saudi Arabia and employers to quality human resource in Pakistan and other countries of the region, we have earned a solid repute in overseas recruitment services for Saudi Arabia and extended lasting ties with the country’s top job providers.

To make our work speak for itself, we have joined hands not only with top companies but also local recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia. We are one of the few licensed manpower recruitment agencies for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan offering a comprehensive portfolio of recruitment services under one roof. From identification of potential employees to their background check, from interview scheduling and conducting to employee facilitation in visa processing and other migration related documentation, we do it all to make the entire Saudi Arabia employment process completely hassle-free for both the employer and the jobseeker.

Of all overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, Al Saqib Recruitment Group enjoys a distinguished place which we have earned through a winning mix of industry experience and recruiting professionals who are a part of our global team. We know our employment partners as well as we know the candidates in our talent pool, and it’s this sheer knowledge on which we base all our recruitment decisions and improve our position further as the leading recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.

Due to the large and growing youth bulge in Pakistan and the country’s struggling job market that is unable to absorb a major portion of the country’s young talent, scores of people in Pakistan aspire jobs in Saudi Arabia besides other GCC countries. Saudi Arabia too welcomes Pakistani employees with open arms as the country owes most of its development to skilled and unskilled labor from Pakistan which has been the key force behind Saudi Arabia’s constant development and recent attempts at diversification of its economy to reduce dependency on the petrodollar.

Pakistanis constitute a large portion of Saudi Arabia’s immigrant worker population and recruitment agencies for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan like Al Saqib Recruitment Group play a vital role in catering to Saudi Arabia’s human resource requirements with top talent from Pakistan in diverse fields of profession. We take pride in being the leading manpower company in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, bridging the employment-jobseeker divides and helping Pakistani youth land the right career opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

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