Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Canada is known as a land of possibilities. It has been ranked as the top country for immigration in the world. And has seen the highest immigration rate in recent times. People from all over the world come to Canada to seek a better future in terms of career prospects, living standards, high Calibre education, life security and to experience multicultural. Top companies are hiring foreign workers in Canada

Today,  more than a quarter of Canada’s workforce is made up of immigrants from different parts of the world. As its economy is booming, it has opened great opportunities and settlement programs for immigrants to enhance their country’s workforce. 

Top sectors to work in Canada

Canada is facing a labour shortage. There are more than 945,700 vacancies in which mean Canadian employers are desperately looking for manpower in major industries. It has job opportunities available in nearly every sector but has seen significant demand for skilled foreigners in the following industries over the past few years:

  • Healthcare sector
  • Construction sector
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
  • Manufacturing and Retail Trade Sector
  • Technology sector
  • Commercial Banking
  • Engineering Services

Top cities to work in Canada for foreign workers

If you are thinking about relocating to Canada whether to study or settle, you must have sufficient knowledge of the cities in the country where you could relocate. Pick a city that offers the facilities and convenience you desire like work opportunities, reasonable housing expenses, diverse culture, tourist attractions, and many other factors. Below are listed the cities that make up the best places to live, work and settle in Canada.

  • Toronto
  • Alberta
  • Edmonton
  • Montreal
  • Oakville
  • Burlington

Requirements for job in Canada

Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Although many companies are hiring in Canada but finding work for foreigners is not a piece of cake. Most of the jobs require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document required by the company’s employer in Canada before hiring a foreign worker. A positive LMIA shows that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job as no Canadian or permanent resident is available to do the job. To work there, you need to fulfill any of the following requirements:

  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Work Permit

Permanent residency

A permanent resident is one who has been granted permanent resident status after immigrating to Canada but you are not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries. The permanent resident card (PR card) is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada. By the virtue of their status, permanent resident card holders are given the right to live, work and study anywhere in the country. 

To apply for a permanent resident card, you must:

  1. already be a permanent resident.
  2. be physically present in Canada.
  3. not have been asked by the Government of Canada to leave the country and.
  4. not be a Canadian citizen.

You need a PR card if:

  • you are a permanent resident (including a child)
  • you plan on traveling outside Canada, and
  • you plan on returning to Canada by any commercial transporter, such as a plane, train, boat, or bus.

Work permit to get a job in Canada

A Work Permit is a document or card that allows you to work in Canada. There are 2 types of work permits:

  • Normal Work Permit
  • Open Work Permit

Normal work permit:

A normal work permit comes with restrictions. It states the kind of job and the name of your employer on it, thereby limiting you to that particular job. It requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document or an offer of employment to get it.

Open Work Permit: 

An open work permit has no restrictions on it. There is no specified job type or employer on the work permit. It doesn’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document or an offer of employment to get it. However, there is some eligibility criteria for an open work permit

Benefits of working in Canada

Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Here we can listed few benefits of working in Canada as a foreigner

Paid leave

Canadian employers offer paid leave days to their employees

  • Paid sick leave for up to 10 days per year.
  • Expecting parents can look forward to up to 40 weeks of paid leave with 55% of their salary.
  • At least 2 weeks of paid vacation every year. After five years of employment, your annual leave will increase to 3 weeks, and after 10 years you’ll be entitled to 4  weeks of paid vacation. This allows the employee to rejuvenate for a while after a whole stressful year of work. This way most  Canadians have an incredible work-life balance. 

Employment opportunities

Canada offers work opportunities to foreign workers in most work sectors. It has experienced a labor shortage for a long time, which has been further aggravated by the pandemic. Despite the tight labour market, Canada’s economy not only got back to its feet by the end of 2021, but it also grew from its pre-pandemic state.  Meanwhile, job vacancy rates have also grown recently reporting more than 900,000 unfilled jobs.

Great salaries

Canada has the highest average minimum wage in North America. The average salary is around $54,630 or $1,050 per week, according to Statistics. Some of the highest-earning professions include:

  • Pharmacists – $96,800 per year
  • Software Developers – $77,236 per year
  • Lawyer – $75,300 per year
  • Project Manager – $74,654 per year
  • Truck Drivers – $64,800 per year

Stable political system

Canada is considered to have a very stable democracy that has been possible due to its potential to enforce individual rights, equality, and economic freedom. In 2020, the country was ranked number five on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s world democracy index, ahead of all North American nations.


Canada is considered one of the safest countries to live in the world. The Canadians are friendly, the crime rate is low and the police are extremely fast in their response. In 2021, it was ranked as the 4th safest country in the world by the U.S. These results were generated after compiling multiple survey results.  Canada takes pride in being a multicultural country and encourages its citizens to embrace their cultures.

Free healthcare facility

Canada has a universal healthcare system funded through taxes. It offers free healthcare facilities to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who can apply for public health insurance. Each province and territory has a different health plan that covers different healthcare services and products. Newcomers can sign up for their province’s health insurance plan and get a health card. This way, Canadians do not have to pay for most of the medical and emergency services.

Quality education

When it comes to studying abroad, very few options come in the mind, and these are usually the U.K., USA, and Canada.  And when we talk about affordability and outstanding education standard, we are left with one option, i.e. Canada

Canada is recognized worldwide for its high academic standards and world-class colleges and universities. It has some of the best educational institutes. It also offers free schooling up to high school and post-secondary schools. The country is also known for providing the best technical, and professional training and best business environment, and citizenship favorability. Canada’s mesmerizing beauty also enables its natives and foreign students to participate in playful and extracurricular activities around the year.

Adjusting there for foreign students  is comparatively easier than in other countries due to its incredible culture, welcoming people, and pleasant weather

Canada, an immigrant-friendly country

Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

It offers settlement support to immigrants even before they have arrived in the country. The country spends about $1.7 billion CAD on settlement services every year to provide support and assistance to immigrants. The assistance is more than anywhere else in the world. 

Common FAQ’s  about companies hiring in Canada

How Al-saqib recruitment agency can help me with immigration to Canada?

Al-Saqib recruitment group has an experience in international recruitment consultancy for Canada in Pakistan. We will help you find a great job opportunity. Being among the best recruitment agencies in Canada Global Al-Saqib recruitment group has helped thousands of Pakistani professionals find promising careers. Through its seamless staffing recruitment solutions, the company has not only connected prominent companies in Canada with the right professionals in Pakistan but also helped them with logistical solutions to ease their transition to a new career in a new country.

Why should I consult with an employment agency to get employment in Canada?

Recruiting agencies act as a bridge by assisting businesses in identifying the right talent and candidates in finding the ideal employment matching their skills and qualifications. Recruitment agencies in Canada recruiting foreign workers do not work for a single company but have access and exposure to numerous businesses across a broad range of sectors and job opportunities. Both employers and job seekers benefit from an employment agency to find suitable prospects according to their requirement. Contact Al-Saqib recruitment agency right away if you are looking for a right opportunity to work in Canada.

How many foreign employees are employed by Canadian businesses?

Canadian recruitment agencies that hire foreign employees may hire people who have applied through the Canada Express Entry program to fill positions when they are unable to fill them with permanent residents. Companies specialized in recruiting may hire Canadian citizens as well as foreign workers.

Is it hard to get a job offer in Canada?

While finding a job in Canada is not an easy fare, it is still possible! Recruiting consultants like Alsaqib Recruitment group can help you in finding your desired job according to your skills and qualification. 

Why canadina companies are hiring foreign workers?

There has always been a shortage of skilled and experienced workers in canadian comopanies. The problem has aggravated after the pandemic has hit the world. Canadian businesses are hiring more foreign workers, because there are a lot of job vacancies that need to be filled. For the past year, Canada has had several job vacancies.

Do Canadian companies sponsor foreign workers?

Firms in Canada are aggressiverly looking for immigrants with the skills they require to keep their businesses running. While Canadian companies do not always sponsor foreign workers, they help you apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

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