Do’s and Don’t of working with a Recruiter

Do’s and Don't of working with a Recruiter

Searching through the competitive job market to find that desired job can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating for job seekers. Similarly, finding the perfect fit for a role in a swarm of candidates can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and bothersome for employers too. 

To avoid this situation, many employers contact recruiting companies to find the best candidates for their jobs according to their requirements  This way they can focus on the business rather than spending their precious time on recruitment processes. On the other hand, job seekers find it beneficial to get help from a recruiter to find their dream job. 

The ability to form good relationships with influential recruiters is inevitable for your success in job hunting. Very few applicants know how to establish a rapport with the headhunters. You must be able to effectively interact with them in order to get in their good books. It can have a wide variety of benefits. We’ve listed important communication do’s and don’ts to assist you in workingw with a recruiter 

Importance of a good relationship with a recruiter

Why is it extremely beneficial to learn how to work effectively with executive search professionals? The answer is alliances with the right and competitive staffing agents can help you in several different ways over a period of time. Such as  

  • They can open up additional job opportunities that you might not be aware of 
  • Help negotiate higher compensation packages.
  • Provide key insight into the job market.
  • Provide appealing resume-building and job-search advice. 

Do’s of working with a Recruiter

Do’s and Don't of working with a Recruiter

Look for an experienced recruiting agency

Look for a recruiting company that is experienced and familiar with the industry you want to be in. A specialist will have more connections within the industry and with the relevant companies. If the recruiter has knowledge of the jobs and career paths in that specific sector, they can provide you with valuable information about the job, requirements, and company for which you’re interviewing.

Investigate the recruiter 

Check out the recruiter’s credibility by searching for profiles on LinkedIn to avoid getting scammed.  Have a look at their job listings, connections, groups, and posts. Look for a recruiter that you have mutual connections with. See if you can get your mutual friend to recommend you to the recruiter for the job. A referral will certainly help to ensure the authenticity of the recruiter.

Convey your career goals

Often, job seekers come across recruiters who pressure them to interview for jobs they are not interested in or qualified for. This leaves a bad impression during the interview and affects the candidate and recruiter relationship. 

However, to prevent this nuisance,  always clearly convey your professional goals and job requirements to the recruiter. When a headhunter knows exactly what you’re looking for, they can make career suggestions more accurately without putting you in an awkward spot.  

Also If you are approached for a job you are not interested in, you should politely decline the offer, thank the recruiter for their consideration, and make them aware them what you are interested in. 

Stay Professional 

Don’t lose your temper when you lose an offer. Sometimes, applicants start criticizing the hiring manager which makes them look unprofessional. Your behaviour when things don’t go in your favour is just as important as how you behave when they do.

Thanking the recruiter for their time and informing them to keep you in the loop wherever they come across any similar opportunity leaves the door open to you working again with the recruiter.

Be Responsive

Because of the fast and competitive job market, the recruiter doesn’t have time to spend on one candidate. The recruiters might ask about your availability for an interview may be the next day. In this case,  if you take too long to respond to emails, you might miss the opportunity as recruiters must move quickly to the next candidate. This poses a non-serious attitude on the candidate’s behalf.

Attend networking events

Do Attend networking events within your relevant industry. Many recruiters attend these events to build relationships, meet potential candidates and build relationships with clients in person. This is one of the effective ways to meet and make a good impression on a recruiter.

Follow up on your application

Keep yourself professional by following up on your application. If you haven’t heard back from the recruiter in 48 hours, give a quick call to the recruiter.

Be patient

If you are not hearing back about an application, be patient. Most of the time,  it’s not the recruiters’ fault as they themselves are waiting for feedback from the client. 

Ask questions

Recruiters are a valuable source of information. As recruiters have ample experience in dealing with candidates and the latest trends followed in every industry, they can give you the best advice. They can help you maximise your chances of getting the job.  Grab as much information from the recruiter as you can. Ask questions like how to improve the CV, dress for the interview, writing cover notes. Ask what questions you will be asked in an interview, what the client is like, what they don’t like etc

Don’ts of working with a Recruiter

Do’s and Don't of working with a Recruiter

Don’t bombard the recruiter with questions right away

The recruiter’s first step is to assess your qualification, professional background,  experience and relevant skills. They will assess the way you interact on the phone and/or in person. Don’t expect to be told about the role or the salary right away. These are the second and third steps. 

Don’t Ghost or Disappear

In case you’ve found another job opportunity or your current job offered you a raise that you couldn’t turn down. Inform your recruiter as soon as possible If you have changed your mind about working with them. This will let them look for the next candidate. It is better to inform rather than  “ghosting” or “disappearing”.

So make sure you don’t burn bridges for the future. It’s possible that your resume may end up on their desk anytime soon in future.  

Don’t lose your composure

Sometimes you get the job, sometimes you don’t. Winning and losing are part of the game. However, never lose your composure when things don’t go your way.

Don’t Lie

This seems like a simple point but it can leave a very negative impact on recruiters’ minds.  It’s important to not lie during the recruitment process. Many people have a past discrepancy that they avoid talking about.  Lying about something that may pop up on while your background check, or lying about your previous salary will not help your relationship with the recruiter or companies looking to hire you. It breaks the trust and you might be seen as having a major character flaw.

Never bypass the recruiter

Don’t ever make the mistake to go behind the recruiter’s back with a client, never! A recruiter has taken out the time to speak to you and pitch you a role in a company. If you try to bypass the recruiter and try to get direct to the company with your application. It causes a bitter taste in the recruiter. As you are unaware of the relationship the recruiter and the employer have, if you go behind the back of the recruiter, it’s likely that they will dismiss meeting the candidate. It might upset the employer as well. So just respect the recruiter that approached you with the opportunity first.

Don’t work with multiple recruiters at a time

Don’t work with multiple recruiters at a time for the same position. This may seem to you that it could increase your chances of landing an interview and the position, but it actually doesn’t. This way you may risk your relationship with each of the recruiters and potentially be blacklisted.

Don’t lose hope

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land the job you strived for. Many company employers hire multiple recruiters to shortlist candidates for the same job. You may not always be the best candidate for the role. Always make a goodbye with a great note. Maintain positive behaviour, and a  proactive relationship with your recruiter and you will eventually score the job you want.

How Al-Saqib Recruitment Agency can help you?

Searching for a job can be nerve-wracking and completely overwhelming. But a good recruiting agency can make the process manageable, faster and more successful. 

Global Al-Saqib Recruiting Agency takes great pride in the trustworthy relationships that we have established with well-known industries and companies around the globe. Our efficient recruitment team and our extensive experience in working within different sectors give us an edge over our competitors.

We provide a seamless connection between the candidates and their prospective employers. We assure you to make your experience memorable by aiding you in the job-hunting process  The satisfaction of both parties is our top priority. 

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