International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

No matter what business it is, the hiring process can be challenging and stressful for an employer. The Hospitality Industry is one of the most lucrative sectors globally. It is inevitable to implement strategic recruiting practices to hire the most talented foreign employees.

The right Manpower Recruitment for the hospitality sector is significant for offering specialized and top-notch hotel services to customers and streamlining the overall customer experience.

Al-Saqib International hospitality recruitment agency helps you in finding the right talent for your job opening globally. Al-Saqib Recruitment Group is the only leading and trustworthy hotel staff recruitment Supplier in the EU, Gulf, and Asia. 

Our recruitment team has made connections with well-reputed international hospitality companies and hotels around the globe. Our recruitment agency for foreign workers is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients and strives to exceed their expectations. We aim to hunt for gems from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Srilanka. We fetch our customers to grab the position that matches your skills and expertise.

Hospitality recruitment is the process of identifying, assessing, shortlisting, and onboarding the best workforce for the hospitality industry. The process encapsulates hiring suitable candidates for roles in Hotels & Motels, Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Caterers,  Pizza parlors, Coffee shops, Bars, Dining rooms, Ice cream parlors, burger stands, Food courts or food bars, and grill stands.  Institutional food services like airports, ships etc, nightclubs, Cocktail lounges, sushi bars etc.

Benefits of hiring International Hospitality Recruitment agency

International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

By hiring the right agency for manpower placement, your company can accelerate the recruitment process and get the required talent for even the most complex roles. Following are some benefits of hiring our International Hospitality Recruitment agency

Save Money and Time

There is a famous saying “time is money”. For busy businesses, taking the help of a recruiting agency is a time saver. The process of sorting the applications of candidates is time-consuming and can be bothersome. 

Hire Al-Saqib recruiting agency and focus on your business instead of sorting the candidate’s applications and conducting interviews all day long. We collect and assess applicants CV’s, check the reference, and filter talented job seekers by deploying the best interview techniques, so your business won’t have to spend time doing all this. 

Experts in the Hospitality Industry

Al-Saqib has a huge input in helping the hotel industry to evolve.  We streamline and customize the talent assessment and acquisition process for specific hospitality staffing needs. Our team of experts employs rigorous testing methods, screening processes, and detailed assessments to find the right candidate. Once a recruiter understands your business and goals, they will hire the right people for your company in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our agencies have a huge PR, first-hand experience, exposure, and contacts in the hospitality industry. We are aware of the latest trends and techniques in hiring the best and top-notch talent for the job. Our agency will provide you with specific knowledge,  market trends, salary levels, and the skills that are required to be successful in the industry. 

Faster Recruitment Process

The competition in the hospitality sector is fierce Therefore, the procedure of finding the right and suitable candidate with the right skill sets can take weeks or months. The process of reviewing CVs, interviews, and processing applications is very time-consuming and screening procedures are complicated. During the screening process, healthcare candidates must pass multiple pre-employment tests required by the profession and state. Pre-employment assessment in the healthcare industry entails applicant tracking, social security tracing, and criminal history records, others conduct procedures that non-healthcare don’t often use. 

These tests tend to involve tedious and lengthy procedures, which can be frustrating and bothersome for the applicants. All of this can delay the recruiting process. When healthcare companies don’t provide applicants with a brief and concise screening process, applicant drop-off increases.

Al-Saqib recruitment is experienced and dedicated professionals who facilitate and work closely during the staffing process. This results in an efficient and streamlined hiring process. 

Access to the best talent

In addition to sorting applications efficiently that have been submitted, we have access to the best talent around the globe. A lot of qualified professionals work closely with recruitment agencies if they are looking for new opportunities. 

Al -Saqib has its own database of qualified applicants and high-quality applicants. We have access to a huge talent pool of pre-screened individuals that have previously been interviewed. Our resourcefulness of professional candidates and the PR with top-notch sectors around the globe are what sets Al-Saqib recruiting agency apart from conventional recruiters.

Building a Relationship

After you have built trust and a bond with your recruitment agency, your staff hiring in the future for your business will be a lot smoother. We will know exactly what qualities and specifications you want from them and from the applicants. We can help grow your business and strengthen it.

Valuable insights into the Hospitality industry

Recruitment agencies spend all day working to provide staffing solutions to various organizations across all hospitality sectors. They have job market insight and significant expertise that employers can avail in their recruitment strategy plan. We are well aware of employers’ needs, candidate expectations, and the hospitality market. We AL-Saqib is the ideal solution to help employers make educated decisions that will, in turn, positively impact the business.

High staff retention rate 

Al-Saqib is an established independent recruitment agency. We are operating globally and sourcing and placing hospitality professionals, in the UK, the EU, Gulf countries, and around the world. 99% of our recruits settle and stay. We are finding your company permanent,  successful, and long-term, candidates for your hotel’s organization. 

Our agency carries out rigorous pre-screening and first-rate shortlisting. We connect healthcare practices with a qualified workforce keeping in view their requirements and expectations. We do not represent those applicants to the companies who do not pass our rigorous screening. Our hotel hospitality database entails the best possible candidates who demonstrate a proven work record with references.

Types of Recruitment in Hospitality Sector

International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

There are two types of recruitment that we provide in the Hotel Industry. 

  • Internal Recruitment
  • External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is the process of Selecting suitable candidates for a vacancy from inside your current workforce. Most of the time current employees of the company are confident and experienced enough to take on new responsibilities for a higher position. If current employees possess the right skill set, then it is beneficial for the company as it will be less time-consuming. 

External Recruitment

External recruitment is the general hiring process and it is relatively more time-consuming than internal recruitment. Some hotels may require training for specific positions. So hiring a professional hospitality workforce provider for this process is necessary.  Al-Saqib International specializes in the placement of hotel staff, kitchen workers, hotel executives, and all positions required within the hotel industry.

Major Hospitality Jobs

Hotel Operational Positions:

  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Rooms Division Manager
  • Reservations Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper

Hotel Support Positions:

  • Purchasing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Manager

Culinary Positions:

  • Executive Chefs
  • Executive Sous Chefs
  • Executive Pastry Chefs
  • Banquet Chefs
  • Restaurant Chefs
  • Guest Chefs
  • Sous Chefs
  • Butchers
  • Chef de Parties

Culinary Positions:

  • Executive Chefs
  • Banquet Chefs
  • Executive Sous Chefs
  • Restaurant Chefs
  • Guest Chefs
  • Executive Pastry Chef

Reach out to the Al-Saqib recruitment service for time-saving, cost-effective hospitality recruitment services.

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