Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia 2023

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has several trillion-dollar mega projects in the pipeline up till 2030. These projects aim to reduce the country’s dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and reduce the kingdom’s reliance on hydrocarbons. 

Saudi Vision 2030 also aims to develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. The kingdom’s target is to position itself as a global hub for investment. These mega projects will not only diversify the kingdom’s infrastructure and landscapes but, in many cases, the day-to-day lives of residents, too.

This transformation has created several opportunities to unify government bodies, architects, consultants, procurement professionals, owners, and developers involved in these ambitious plans and projects to meet local and international suppliers. This way they can source products that they require to change the outlook of the country.

Mega Projects in Saudi Arabia

From theme parks and metro lines to the world’s tallest structure, here are mega-projects shaping the future of Saudi Arabia

Neom City Project

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

Neom is a US$500bn high-tech city and a flagship project of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It is a city being built in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It plans to incorporate smart city technologies and function as a tourist destination. The project was first unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed in 2017

Spanning a total area of 26,500 square kilometers, this high-tech city is being built on a site that is more than 35 times the size of Singapore and will contain more than 450km of coastline. The zone is located in north-western Saudi Arabia. The construction village will also contain green areas, orchards, ornamental gardens, and vegetable gardens.

It will also be containing sports facilities including cricket and football pitches. The city will provide more recreational facilities such as Gyms and courts for tennis and basketball.

The project is planned for completion by 2025.

Riyadh Metro

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh metro is a rapid transit system under construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is part of the Riyadh Public Transport Project (RPTP). The Riyadh Metro will be the largest public transport project in the world with six lines covering an area of 176km and 85 metro stations across the city.  The project is expected to cost more than $23bn. Upon completion, the network will be using driverless metro trains and will be capable of carrying 400,000 passengers daily.

In addition to the metro trains, there will also be buses as part of the project called the Riyadh Metro Buses. These buses will take you across town. It is expected to open to passengers in 2023.

King Salman Park

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

At four times the size of New York City’s Central Park, Riyadh’s King Salman is built on more than 16km of the site of the old airport which makes it the largest urban park in the world. It offers several activities for the city’s residents and visitors. The park will be linked by the bus and metro lines of the city. 

The park will have a 7.5km circular walkway, and an 800,000-square-metre “wadi”. It will also include a labyrinth and a bird and butterfly conservatory, as well as  Islamic-themed and vertical gardens.

The park also will have an arts section stretched over a 400,000-square-metre area. It will include a 2,500-seat national theatre and an 8,000-seat open-air theatre. It will also include art academies,  cinemas, and museums. 

The park will be containing world-class sports facilities, with a 100,000-square-metre entertainment games area, an 850,000-square-metre golf course, a 50,000-square-metre sports complex, and a 140,000-square-metre water sports section.

12,000 residential units will be included in the park. It will consist of 16 hotels with 2,300 rooms, a food and retail area extended over a 500,000-square-metre area, and libraries.


Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

Qiddiya will be a place recognized on the world stage as the home of the most innovative experiences. It will be a place that will enable the youth of Saudi Arabia to fulfill their ambitions. A place where they can appreciate, aspire, advance, nurture their potential, and unlock opportunities. This will open new professional pathways to help build a more prosperous and progressive society.

Qiddiya’s wide range of offerings will be based on five cornerstones: Sports & Wellness; Nature & Environment; Parks & Attractions; Motion & Mobility; and Arts & Culture. This will make Qiddiya the capital of Entertainment, Sports, and the Arts, not just in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but of the world.

Qiddiya will span more than 334 square kilometers on the outskirts of Riyadh. The $8 billion dollar project has been underway since January 2019, with the first phase slotted to open in 2023.

The Red Sea Project

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

The red sea is a brand-new megaproject set to open on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. This project is being built in a region spanning 30,000 square kilometers. It will comprise a natural archipelago of pristine islands and a vast desert landscape filled with mountain peaks, historical treasures, and a dormant volcano.  It is one of the world’s most ambitious and regenerative tourism destinations

The Red Sea Project will include hotels, entertainment ventures, residential properties, and leisure facilities. The Red Sea showcases Saudi Arabia’s rich potential to the world. It will unlock new standards in renewable tourism, and economic, cultural, and social opportunities. The project stretches over an area of 28,000 square kilometers (sq km) and includes several historical, cultural, and heritage monuments.

The project is expected to attract visitors all year round as it will be the first fully integrated, luxury, mixed-use resort in the Middle East. The red sea project has been designed with a focus on heritage, and culture.  Once completed it will provide 8,000 new hotel rooms.

The project is set to be fully completed by 2030.

Makkah Public Transport Programme

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia

Much like Riyadh and Jeddah, a new metro system which will feature over 400 buses, is set to be opened in Saudia’s holy city of Makkah. Its aim is to serve both pilgrims and residents in the city.

The Makkah Public Transport Programme will include a four-line metro covering 180km, with 88 serving stations designed to transport the millions of pilgrims who visit the city each year to perform Hajj and Umrah.

The program is due to complete in twenty years over six phases. The first phase will be operational by 2025. There will also be a number of integrated bus networks, with local buses and shuttle buses to park and ride on the outskirts of the city

The Sharaan Nature Reserve

Upcoming Projects in Saudi Arabia 8

The Sharaan Nature Reserve project has been designed to protect some of the most significant natural habitats and the conservation of biodiversity in the region.

 Al Sharaan Nature Reserve will be made at the heart of the development of Al Ula  The project will focus to protect the natural biodiversity of Al Ula. It aims to re-establish the rich diversity of plants and wildlife that once flourished here.

The region hosts an abundance of fascinating wildlife, including red-necked ostriches, regal Nubian ibex, and graceful Idmi gazelles. The Sharaan Nature Reserve also provides a welcoming sanctuary for species like the lanky-limbed Cape hare, the marmot-like rock hyrax, and a variety of birds.

Brilliant green bee-eaters dappled crested larks, and eagles all wander in the skies of Al Ula. Endangered Arabian wolves and leopards,  gazelles, and large-eared red foxes are again roaming these beautiful lands. All these species demonstrate a healthy ecosystem. The Sharaan aims to restore the ecosystem helping the species thrive once more.

Inside the reserve, a luxury retreat will open in archaeologically rich surroundings. It will consist of 25 suites, 10 pavilions, and five resort-style residential estates. Its completion is expected in 2023. There will also be 40 additional residential estates, an international summit center, restaurants, and a luxury spa.

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