What is Saudi Arabia Golden Visa Program

Golden Visa Program

The 2019 launch of the Saudi Arabia Golden Visa Program is meant to attract skilled workers and foreign investors. People who take part in this program can live, work, and study in Saudi Arabia without needing an extra work permit, among other perks. Find out more about the Golden Visa’s Programs of Saudi Arabia for an easy way to get ahead and help the country.

Who is eligible and how to apply

People who want to apply for the Saudi Arabia Golden Visa Program must meet certain requirements, such as having a financial interest, professional qualifications, or business plans. The rules for eligibility depend on the category picked. . Once eligible, applicants can initiate the straightforward application process, providing necessary documentation and details. The transparent and efficient application process ensures a smooth journey toward securing the Golden Visa, allowing qualified individuals to enjoy the privileges it offers in Saudi Arabia. Investors must make a minimum investment of SAR 10 million (US$2.67 million), have a current passport, in order to get a Golden Saudi Visa. The entry process is streamlined, and you can do it all online.

Things you need to get a Golden Visa

The requirements to get a Golden Visa depend on the type of visa
There are certain things you need to do in Saudi Arabia to get a Golden Visa. Most of the time, people who want to spend money have to meet certain requirements, demonstrate their professional abilities, or pitch their business ideas. People with different needs include buyers, skilled workers, and business owners. Those who want to apply for a Golden Visa must fully understand and meet these standards. People will then be able to use the advantages and chances that come with this residency program in Saudi Arabia.

Investor visa: at least SAR 11million must be invested
Startup Visa: Business plan must be approved
Self-Employed Visa: One year of professional experience and a professional education

Advantages of the Golden Visa program for Saudi Arabia

Enjoy residency privileges, including the ability to live, work, and study in Saudi Arabia without the need for a separate work permit. This initiative aims to attract and retain skilled individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs for the country’s growth. Have a job in Saudi Arabia without a work permit and live there Access to top-notch schools and medical services Chance to put money into the Saudi economy, which is Chance to become a citizen after living in the country

Golden Visa Program

Why Does Saudi Arabia Give Out Golden Visas

Saudi Arabia launched the Golden Visa program to attract international businesses, investors, and professionals. The project aims to boost economic growth by encouraging long-term residency, developing talent, and rewarding contributions to national progress Encouraging individuals who can make a beneficial effect on Saudi Arabia’s economy and society, the Golden Visa program is in line with the kingdom’s goal of a diverse and dynamic future. Bringing in more cash Getting skilled workers in Making tourists grow Making job chances available Boosting economic growth in general

Bad things about the Golden Saudi Visa

Even though the Golden Visa program has some pros, it also has some cons, such as High visa fees Long times to process No way to become a citizen Possible bias against people with visas

The Golden Visa’s Future

There is a good chance that the Golden Visa will have a big impact on the future by encouraging cultural and business exchange. The world of training programs is changing as more countries, like Saudi Arabia, join these kinds of programs. The Golden Visa’s future depends on how well it can bring in talent, capital, and new ideas, which will help all countries become more prosperous and diverse.

Golden Visa Program


the Golden Visa program marks a significant pathway toward global opportunities. At Al Saqib Recruitment Group, we recognize its impact on fostering talent and international collaboration. As the program evolves, we remain committed to guiding individuals through successful applications, contributing to the growth and diversity of nations. The Golden Visa not only opens doors to residency but also aligns with our vision for a connected and thriving global workforce

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